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Dog Training

The Dog Person
About Me

Hi, my name is Haley!

I graduated from William Jessup in 2022 with a 

BA in Biology and did my senior capstone on how dogs can improve mental health. So I developed a training plan that I want to share with other dog lovers to improve there relationship with there dogs. 

Whether, you want a family dog that everyone can enjoy or a service dog for you personally, I can help you build a relationship with your canine family member that will last a lifetime. 


You'll see the star of the show is a dog named Lucky! 

She is a 2019 Labrador mix adopted from Sacramento SPCA in 2020. She is my service dog and is trained to assist with PTSD and Panic attack symptoms. When we first brought her home she was meant to be a family dog, however she had every bad behavior in the book! you name it she did it (run away, bark, bite, jump, etc.) So it wasn't long before she needed some serious training. 

Through a system I call building blocks, Lucky and I have a strong relationship that will last a lifetime! She is a happy dog who loves her job and is a companion I can trust around anyone. 


Lucky's Adventures

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